User Experience

July 2016

13 ways to conduct UX testing – and why it’s so important

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I recently came across a story about an approach to UX testing being used by Wells Fargo which highlights the importance of experimenting with different ways to conduct UX testing. At one of its downtown San Francisco branches, Wells Fargo has set up an area called ‘Digital Express’.  This section of the branch provides customers with a series [...]

June 2016

PropTech: Home Loan Innovation

By | June 29th, 2016|Categories: Fintech, Home loans, User Experience|Tags: , |

On Thursday 23rd June, I attended an ‘Open Mic’ session at a local FinTech innovation space. Established to help up and coming innovators harness their ideas and secure access to investor funding, the innovations coming out of these spaces are important to watch. Given Australian’s love of residential property, it is no surprise that the home [...]

Gaining the UX edge in the Australian banking economy

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In today’s Australian banking economy numerous small internet banks have appeared and they are threatening the big four bank’s market share. The main advantages for internet banks is that they don’t have the same overheads as the traditional banks who have to maintain a branch experience as well as a digital experience, nor do they have [...]

May 2016

My contactless payment experience with Australian mobile payment apps

By | May 6th, 2016|Categories: Apple Pay, Cardless cash, Digital wallet, Mobile payments, Payment technology, User Experience|Tags: , , , |

So it was around two weeks ago that I went from being a full-time loyal plastic credit card user to a tech-savvy cardless cash consumer, paying for chocolate bars using a mobile phone from ten different mobile payment applications. I owe this unique experience to a mobile payments research project that I had been assigned on: [...]